Cubewise December 2018 Update

Jan 11. 20194 min read
David Sauren

We took a few days off to celebrate and relax with family & friends, but that did not stop us ending the last month in 2018 with a firework of activities. If you just came back to work or want to bring yourself up to speed with the latest developments at Cubewise read the highlights below.


In case you still haven’t upgraded your system to Planning Analytics and you are looking for help on deciding what to install, you can now watch our summary in this excellent video from Carike from our Belgium office.

December was also the month Cubewise EDU started a new series of short videos explaining the core concepts of TM1 / Planning Analytics and how the DBRW formula works. Those videos are great if you want to give new staff members a quick introduction or to refresh your understanding.

The Quick Fix #1 – What is a DBRW Formula

The Quick Fix #2 – What is TM1 and Planning Analytics?

Reorder Dimensions Cubewise Style

You might have missed the biggest blockbuster of 2018, so here a link directly to it. The Cubewise teams from Australia and Asia were meeting for a year-end celebration and during this event, we had a bit of fun creating a real-life cube.


Apliqode v 3.1

The Apliqo team has released a new version of the Apliqode framework. It covers a few fixes and minor enhancements. If you are interested in more details or need access to the downloads, get in touch with your local Cubewise contact.

Blog and Webinar

Picking up the theme of the season, the Apliqo team published a new blog post. In it, we cover the importance of proper planning, KPI selection and modeling in the context of Santa.

Earlier in December we also hosted another session of the popular Apliqo webinars covering the details of scenario modeling. Watch our recording to see what is important and how to get the best value from this core component in your FPM solution.

Cubewise CODE and other tools

Arc version 1.3.1

In the last month of 2018, the Cubewise CODE team released a new version of ARC. Not only does this version support the application folder, but ARC now also works on Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. Head to the ARC website to download the latest release.

System Health Report

The November update of Pulse includes a new system health report. Read the latest article in our Cubewise CODE blog to understand how you can use this report to better manage and support your system.


Marius Wirtz extended the usage of TM1Py by adding a library for core financial calculations. Calculating Internal Rate of Return (IRR) or Present Value is (PV) is relevant in many projects, but there are no native ways to do this in TM1. With the CubeCalc library, you have access to the most frequently used functions through TM1Py.


If you are not familiar with Python, but your world is R we have another solution for you. Muhammed Ali Onder from our Belgium office developed a solution to link TM1 via the REST API to R, the popular statistic software. The latest version of this solution is now available through the R package system.

TM1 to Planning Analytics upgrade

Scott Wilshire published in December two new articles explaining changes in Planning Analytics.

The first article goes into details on how to use the new hierarchies feature in your TM1 rules.

The second article gives an update on changes in how subsets are managed and used in Planning Analytics 2.0.6. Read his post to understand this important change as it could lead to issues in your application.

Skills Acknowledgement

Starting in December any student going through a Cubewise EDU training can complete the course with a skills acknowledgement. It is a short test at the end of the day documenting your progress towards mastering TM1 and Planning Analytics.

Why I love TM1 and Planning Analytics

Jarrod Rodney, one of our clients in the UK, recently went through the Cubewise EDU credential process. He took some time to sit down with Bryan to reflect and explain why he loves TM1. Head to the Linkedin article below for the full interview.


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