Training Courses

by Cubewise EDU

We have training courses on IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics, Pulse for TM1 and Canvas for TM1. Our courses are catered for end users, developers, administrators and web application developers, developed by experts in the field for those would want to be experts in data analytics.

We have two styles of training to suit how you prefer to learn

Classroom Self-Paced
How it is taught Trainer led with up to 8 students Self taught with 1-hour of mentoring
Duration 1 Day 7 Days
Occurrence Once a month in Sydney
Once bi-monthly in other locations
Start on any date
Tools Provided Printed Material and Training Server Printed Material and Training Server
Learning Style Learn better with a tutor.
Can dedicate a day to the course.
Fit in learning with work.
Learn anywhere and anytime.

You can get your knowledge endorsed by Cubewise EDU

Available to students who have attended our course, we hold a practical assessment to test student knowledge through our Skills Acknowledgement.  Students must achieve 100% on all questions to be endorsed by Cubewise EDU. Successful candidates will receive a personalised digital badge that can be shared on social media.

What type of TM1 and Planning Analytics user are you?


Everything you need to know to get you off the ground with TM1 and Planning Analytics from understanding its interface to learning how to analyse data.


Become an expert TM1 Developer, by learning how to develop Cubes to writing business logic using Rules and TurboIntegrator processes.


Harness your TM1 server through Pulse for TM1 by improving performance up-time and understanding user usages.


Take your model’s interface to the next level by building modern web applications using Canvas for TM1.