Use our deep TM1 know-how to develop and implement TM1

We only care about doing good TM1. Harness our focus and enthusiasm on TM1 to your benefit.

Why engage with Cubewise Consulting?

Cubewise wants to do as much good TM1 as we can because that is why we exist – as an excuse to get to do good TM1. So selfishly, we care about the value you get out of whatever challenge you are trying to solve with TM1, because the more happy TM1 customers there are out there, the more TM1 we get to do!

In this way, we have grown the smartest, most experienced team of TM1 enthusiasts and customers in the world.

We want you to have full access to Cubewise’s deep TM1 know-how. Know-how hard-won over countless years, on innumerable projects, with organisations of all shapes and sizes, all over the world. We want you to have access to our know-how not only because you will get much more value out of your TM1 systems that way, but it is also a lot more fun for us when you have your light bulb moment and realise how amazing TM1 is.

How does Cubewise Consulting work?

Cubewise has been focused on developing our TM1 know-how to use and share openly with our customers in our projects globally since we started in 2004. This know-how is continuously improved and updated and shared across Cubewise offices and projects to ensure that our customers get access to the most up-to-date technical and project implementation approaches available.

In this sense, our Consultants are not “bodies” or “resources”, they are highly experienced consultants that actually care about TM1.

That matters to our customers because our consultants are not going through the motions – we know that TM1 has unique value and we relish the chance to achieve that value with our customers.

What does Cubewise Consulting do?

Architecture, design, development and execution of TM1 / Planning Analytics projects

TM1 / Planning Analytics system and environment Health Checks

TM1 / Planning Analytics advisory and strategy

As TM1 enthusiasts, our real goal is to help you achieve a light bulb moment with TM1 to inspire you to do good TM1 yourself

Our business is based on the fact that we know TM1 is by far the best solution for what it does and we love the chance to get to show and prove that to others.

The best way we know to do that is to help our customers have their “light bulb moment” with TM1, where they suddenly “get it” and become fans themselves – this is the most satisfying moment for any TM1 consultant.

We maximise every hour you spend with us through our advanced use of unique Cubewise productivity tools and flexible working arrangements.

Our consulting time with you is super high-value. Not only are our consultants highly experienced, they know how to use the Cubewise CODE software tools that make them even more efficient and productive.

Furthermore, you never have to pay for any “down time” – we aren’t contractors, so we can be available and work the days that make sense for a project and often that means being there only every few days. Or a couple of times during a project.