Need to know essentials for Planning Analytics

Feb 21. 20192 min read
Scott Wiltshire

Our colleagues from Cubewise CODE have done some great work producing not just 1 but 3, “cheat sheets” which are super densely packed with knowledge. Each sheet is separately targeted at End Users, Developers or Administrators. The sheets have some handy color-coding so you can easily distinguish what should be basic knowledge, advanced knowledge, or “extra reading” for each group. Of course no matter how dense, there’s only so much information that can be packed into a single page. So the sheets are also chock full of useful hyperlinks to primary sources (just click on the “info” icons.)

You can check out the cheat sheets in their original glory and download a copy for yourself from the original post at the CODE website. Print these sheets out and stick them above your desk! Or keep an electronic copy handy for a one-stop resource to access everything you need to know via the dozens of useful hyperlinks!

For End Users

Lots of useful information on PAx versus Perspectives report types, explanation of key TM1 Excel formulas, data spreading shortcuts, tips on trouble-shooting, and of course lots of handy links.

For Developers

About as much information as possible to squeeze onto one page covering rule syntax, MDX, performance tips, security, cube optimization, avoiding locking, feeders and lots more general troubleshooting.

For System Administrators

The best one page reference you will find anywhere with essential information for anyone involved in TM1 DevOps.

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