Cubewise opens new office in Africa led by Ibrahima Ndiaye

Cubewise is excited to announce the opening of Cubewise Africa.

Based in Dakar, Senegal and serving all of Africa, Cubewise Africa will do in Africa what Cubewise has been doing already in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia; namely bring all of their deep TM1 and Planning Analytics know-how to organizations in the region to help them modernize and optimize the management and growth of their businesses.

Although Africa has experienced rapid positive growth in recent years, Cubewise can see that it has been underserved by the FP&A and Performance Management software vendors and integration partners. The rapid development and the volatility of the African economic environment presents a great opportunity for African companies to use the latest technology systems to support them to manage it; especially when it comes to their financial and operational planning and performance management processes.

Cubewise opens new office in Africa led by Ibrahima NDIAYE

As the foundation of the very best gold-standard FP&A and Performance Management solutions, IBM’s TM1 and Planning Analytics has long set the benchmark for organizations of all sizes around the world. Cubewise looks forward to bringing this best-of-breed technology and their deep know-how to support customers in addressing these challenges across all sectors including Agribusiness, Banking, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications and more. 

Cubewise Africa will be led by Ibrahima NDIAYE, a long-time TM1 and Planning Analytics guru who has an enviable track record for delivering budgeting, reporting and decision support applications to organizations of all shapes and sizes, from local small-to-medium-sized organizations to large multinational groups. Ibrahima will lead a dynamic team of consultants and project managers responsible for TM1 and Planning Analytics deployment, configuration, and customer training.

When asked about his motivations that led to his being the driving force behind the opening of Cubewise Africa, Ibrahima NDIAYE responded, “In the current context and more than ever, African companies need to control their activities, to monitor and optimize their profitability and use their data to make sound decisions.

To do this, they must think about how they can continue to evolve their companies, especially in the Finance function, by embracing technologies such as TM1 and Planning Analytics. With Cubewise Africa, African companies will for the first time get full access to and be able to benefit from the entire Cubewise group’s deep expertise, professionalism and passion demonstrated over its 16 years of existence, which has supported the success of innumerable organizations the world over. With this office opening in Africa, the objective is clear; to help as many organizations in Africa as possible do good TM1 and Planning Analytics. But this initiative is personal as well. As an African myself, I am fully committed and enthusiastic about making Cubewise Africa and TM1 and Planning Analytics a great contributor to the ongoing positive growth of business in Africa.” 

Ben HEINL (Director of Cubewise) elaborates, “Everyone at Cubewise is super enthusiastic about getting behind Ibrahima and his team to bring the best of TM1 and Planning Analytics to Africa. It is a super dynamic and growing market where we think we can contribute a lot of value and I can’t imagine anyone more inspiring to lead the charge than Ibrahima.”

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About IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1

IBM’s TM1 and Planning Analytics is the most battle-tested and robust software platform for Financial and Operational Planning and Analytics. Often the TM1 technology is described as “where you need to go next when you have reached the limits of spreadsheets.” 

Please see more in this short video Cubewise made on “What is TM1 and Planning Analytics?”