Converting Perspectives Reports to PAx

Nov 22. 20181 min read
Izelle Pelcher

Conversion steps to PAx

Moving to an upgrade where an update is required on workbooks can easily be addressed by making use of the additional functionality provided within the Planning Analytics software. The Planning Analytics for Excel add-in has an option to Upgrade Action Buttons.

Follow these steps to convert your Perspective workbooks to be PAx compliant.

1. Open PAx and connect to your Planning Analytics environment.

2. Select Options on the ribbon

3. Navigate to the Upgrade Action Buttons section.

4. Provide backup location.

5. Provide log location.

Providing locations for backup and logs are not compulsory. It is recommended to either make backups manually or enable the backup location. Once the conversion is applied, the workbooks will no longer work in Perspectives.

6. Click Ok.

7. Navigate to the directories or files you wish to convert.

8. Click on upgrade.

9. Publish the workbooks after conversion to give users access.

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