Changes in functions of rules and TIs from TM1 10.2 to PA  

Mar 28. 20193 min read
Izelle Pelcher

 Overview of changes in functions when upgrading to PA

IBM support on TM1 version 10.2.2 will be discontinued from 30th September 2019. Awareness around the decisions for the interface, additional available functionality and what to consider for the installation and configuration have already been covered. The decisions can be found in the decision tree in the blog post Upgrade TM1 to Planning Analytics 

With the move from TM1 10.2.2 to PA 2.0.6 (TM1 Server 11.4) there are a few functions used in rules that will not be available in the upgraded software. If you are using any of these functions ( EvalJavaNEvalJavaS) in your model’s rules, we recommend updating your rules by removing all references to these functions. This will ensure an error free startup on Planning Analytics.  

Below you can view all the functions available in Rules. The functions marked in red are removed and won’t be available in future Planning Analytics versions. The functions marked in blue are new and will become available after the upgrade.  


Take note of the new functions in the Element info section that starts with Element. All these functions can be used on Alternative hierarchies and has an additional parameter to indicate the hierarchy.  

ElementIsParent(dimension, hierarchy, element1, element2) 

 No changes are required for processes with the upgrade. All the new functions available for Processes can be viewed below in blue. From the list shown below the new functions will cater for Hierarchies.   


Additionally the functions will cover attributes on the standard elements but on cubes, views, dimension as well.

If you are wondering if you should enable hierarchies check out the blog post Enabling hierarchies, how does it affect your current model? For a more technical coverage of what hierarchies are and how to create and maintain them read further on Mastering hierarchies in IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics

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