Cubewise EDU

Educating the IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics community

At Cubewise EDU, we strive to help others master IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics through our training courses, and events like webinars, breakfast sessions, client days and conferences, regularly held in Australia and Europe.
We are also setting a standard for developers in the industry through our TM1 Developer Credential, partnered with DeakinCo. a subsidiary of Deakin University in Australia. It’s an assessment for developers to independently verify their knowledge by building a TM1 model and for employers to easily identify proficient TM1 Developers.
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Training is the key to your success
Get the ROI on the tools you have invested in. We have courses on IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics, Canvas for TM1 and Pulse for TM1.
Learn how to be a proficient end user on Perspectives, Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel.
To be a developer, attend our advanced courses written by consultants, so learn how experts in the industry use the tools to build for TM1 and Planning Analytics.
TM1 Developer Credential
To all developers, independently verify your IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics knowledge to potential employers.
Developers who undergo the credential will have 48 hours to develop a TM1 model from scratch based on a scope of work to prove your practical knowledge. A video interview will proceed after the assessment. Candidates who pass the credential, will have proven their ability to create Cubes and Dimensions, write TurbotIntegrator processes, code complex Rule business logic, produce an Excel Application and understand Security.
Employers looking for proficient developers should look out for the TM1 Developer Credential badge on LinkedIn.
Worldwide Conferences
Be a part of our TM1 and Planning Analytics community when we hold one of many conferences around the world. Learn where IBM is positioning TM1 and Planning Analytics in the future, hear subject matter experts talk passionately about innovative developments or get to know your peers through their case studies. Every year, we host hundreds of passionate users from end users to developers with our regular conferences in Australia and Europe.