Cubewise February 2019 Update

Mar 18. 20193 min read
David Sauren

Given that the month only had 28 days, the Cubewise team still pushed out a lot of content and updates. It is worth highlighting, that all these posts, videos, and tools are coming on top of the global teams working on building good TM1 and Planning Analytics solutions for our clients.

THINK 2019

IBM hosted the big THINK 2019 conference in San Francisco. This year three Cubewise clients went on stage to present their unique solutions to the world.

ABB presented their tender bid management system built with TM1 and the Apliqo UX user interface. A key challenge here was managing a very complex workflow and at the same time guiding users through the system.

Jabil presented their journey to Planning Analytics. During this process, they also rolled out Cubewise Canvas interfaces to a large and distributed user base.

TechData presented the successes and lessons learned from their global rollout of Planning Analytics in the last year.

Cubewise CODE and other tools


The latest addition to our free tools from Cubewise CODE is CubeCalc. Build on the REST API and TMPy it provides access to important finance functions like NPV, IIR and many more that were previously more difficult to achieve in TM1. The latest version can now be downloaded from the Cubewise CODE website.

Cheat Sheets

Knowing and remembering all of the parameters, functions and configurations of TM1 and Planning Analytics can be hard. To solve this Cubewise CODE has published a handy cheat sheet with the most important information.

A second cheat sheet covers the key topics of the Cubewise CODE products. It points users to the locations of configuration files and explains how to do many things.


Apliqo UX 2.2

Version 2.2 sounds like a small update, but it is a big step forward for the Apliqo UX solution. The new version comes with a new installer to help with the setup process.

A big new feature is the ability to connect a UX application to more than one TM1 service. This enables the building of a single solution on top of multiple TM1 services you may have for specific purposes (eg. finance and operational instances).

Other new features:

  • Supports Multi Instances in 1 UX app
  • Admin apps – custom place holders
  • Separate content store to maintain all the objects required by UX (no need to drop any TM1 object on existing PA/TM1 models)
  • Installer package – allows to set it up in a matter of minutes
  • Many improvements on the view management side

All of these new features and a general overview of where UX can help to build better planning solutions are covered in the UX tutorial YouTube list:

TM1 and Planning Analytics Upgrade

One of the most important new features of Planning Analytics is the new hierarchy support. These hierarchies are not real dimensions as currently known in TM1, but rather “virtual hierarchies” that can be based on attributes of an existing dimension. In his latest article, Scott covers the impact of the new hierarchies on an existing model and what the next steps should be.

Why I love TM1 and Planning Analytics

It is always interesting to see how developers fell in love with TM1, when and how they had their light bulb moment and what drives them to learn more about the tool and the technology. This month Brian Wan interviewed Dan Peeroo, who has been working for 15 years with TM1.

One more thing

Muhammed Ali Önder won a competition on LinkedIn on how to build a TM1 application using the REST API for integration. This video on “Sales Forecasting with TM1 and R via REST API“ was voted best of all submissions.


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