5 tips for users transitioning from Perspectives to IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx)

Oct 31. 201959 sec read
Bryan Wan

5 Tips

  1. What are the interfaces in PAx and how does it relate to Perspectives
  2. How to log onto the TM1 Server via PAx
  3. How to analyse Cubes
  4. How to find reports created in the Application folder
  5. How to use the set (subset) editor

1. What are the interfaces in PAx and how does it relate to Perspectives

PAx contains the same reports provided in Perspectives, as shown in the mapping table below. Not only has the name changed, the interface have changed too. For instance, with the Cube Viewer, there are two interfaces that are similar in PAx. An ‘out of Excel’ interface called the Viewer and one in Excel called Exploration. Both can be used to analyse a Cube. Despite these differences, if a Sliced report was created in Perspectives, it will still work as a Custom Report in PAx. The same also applies to reports that utilise Active Forms.

Quick Report is the newest addition to PAx. Use this type of Excel report to quickly analyse multiple cubes and enhance the report by adding formulas and formatting.

Head to Cubewise EDU to read the full article (link).

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