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Changes to Element Security for MDX Subsets from v2.0.9.1
Update on Cubewise testing of TM1 release IBM have since released a note on this topic which can be read here. MDX Subset Security Behaviour Prior to There are two main applications of MDX when we discuss TM1 dimension subsets. The first is a ‘dynamic subset’ where an MDX query statement is saved with […]
6 ways to improve your cash flow and working capital management
Taken with permission from January 30th’s 2020 Apliqo blog post Learn more about accelerating your cashflow modelling & take advantage of a free CMR Assessment Tips for boosting cash flow 1 – Understand that cash is king “Cash flow is the ultimate value driver,” says Jack. Any business, regardless of its niche, needs sufficient cash […]
What is COVID-19’s real impact on your business?
Taken with permission from March 5th’s 2020 Apliqo blog post Almost 2 months following the outbreak of COVID-19, infections in China are finally dropping. But with the world’s second-largest economy still in lockdown, we take a look at the economic repercussions of this virus and how your business can prepare for them. Learn more about […]
Cash is King – Why cash flow planning is a must
Taken with permission from July 12th’s 2018 Apliqo blog post Cash is king. In CFO circles this is a given. Which is why detailed cash flow planning has long since become the gold standard in modern companies. But many finance departments are still overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of it. This is often due in […]
7 keys to dealing with business downturns
Taken with permission from December 18th’s 2019 Apliqo blog post Be realistic: business downturns are inevitable “In FP&A, the first thing we have to do is recognize that economic cycles are cyclical,” says Jack. That means your company is going to face business and economic downturns, despite what some investment communities might want you to […]
Cashflow modeling and scenario planning in uncertain environments
Taken with permission from April 17th’s 2020 Apliqo blog post 1- Focusing on the facts Understanding the facts and data behind COVID-19 is extremely important to help you make sense of the pandemic and plan for it accordingly. Unfortunately, staying clear-headed and fact-focused during times of crisis can be difficult. To help you get clarity […]
How to use the Synchronize Function with RunProcess to Limit the Number of Threads
What Is RunProcess? RunProcess is a TM1 TurboIntegrator function that allows you to run multiple processes in parallel, each using its own thread.  While this function is great as it allows for faster data processing and data loads there is currently no built-in logic or feature to limit the number of threads that can be […]
Preparing your TM1 / Planning Analytics model for the TM1 Rest API
You can find a lot of content on how to start using TM1’s REST API, for example here, here or here. However, to the best of our knowledge, until now there hasen’t been any guidance to be found anywhere on what changes you may need to make to an existing model to make it “REST API ready” or for that matter principles to […]
Improving rules performance with }StatsByRule – Part I
The Cubewise Code division wrote a great article recently “7 tips to writing faster IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics rules”. They show different techniques of how you can write rules to improve their performance. I presented the same topic on the European Cubewise Conference in Paris this year and think that it deserves a bit […]