A single source of decision-making information for the whole company

Meet the Information Warehouse

Spreadsheets are a single-user application. Collaboration in spreadsheets-only environments is therefore done the old-fashioned way – by sharing spreadsheet files – which inevitably leads to multiple versions of the same spreadsheet models. Governance is impossible and the information produced in the spreadsheets becomes unreliable. This state of drowning in ungoverned spreadsheets is often called “Excel Hell.”

IBM’s TM1 allows for a centralized Information Warehouse that achieves one version of the truth – not only for your data, but also your key business structures and business rules (i.e. information), to keep them consistent and reliable across the organization.

When TM1 is managed as a strategic asset by an organization, it is managed as an Information Warehouse where all data, business rules and human experience come together to provide a common decision making platform – one that is constantly evolving with the market and the organization’s strategy.

Human intuition, experience and creativity are still key to a healthy organization and TM1 enables that human experience to find its way into the business models that form the decision making framework of a company.

In such organisations, the Information Warehouse goes much deeper than financial modelling, incorporating operations into the common business model.

When companies achieve this, the value of the TM1 business model grows exponentially and companies have used it to substantial competitive advantage.

We call this advanced state of an Information Warehouse, Unified Performance Management.

And it is only possible with TM1.