Realize the full potential of TM1

with Cubewise Software.

Cubewise recognized a need in the TM1 community
for software that makes it easier to develop, administer,
use and support TM1 applications.
So we developed it.
Pulse for TM1
Cubewise Pulse is software that gives you the confidence and control to realize the full potential of TM1. Pulse makes it easy to expand your use of TM1, without sacrificing performance.
Do more than you ever thought possible with TM1.
Expand the scope of TM1 with Confidence.
Make your entire TM1 community more productive
Apliqo UX powered by Canvas
Leverage modern UX web design on your IBM Planning Analytics application and provide guided reporting, analytics and planning templates that can be implemented by users.
Arc for TM1
Arc is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TM1 and Planning Analytics. It provides a centralized platform for all your TM1 development, access all of your on-premise and cloud environments from one location. Built from the ground up to take advantage of the new features in Planning Analytics. It will help you to build higher quality applications faster.
Apliqode is the next step after Bedrock – it provides core application building components needed for any state-of-the-art, robust TM1 application. Apliqode speeds up application development and reduces the risk of redundant work by laying bare the Cubewise TM1 knowledge base gleaned from hundreds of implementations. Apliqode is constantly updated and provided free to all Cubewise customers – this is another advanced set of value that makes it highly valuable to be a Cubewise customer…
Bedrock logo 2019_Bedrock FOUR - Light
Cubewise uses heavily, contributes regularly to and strongly encourages and supports Bedrock, an open source project for TM1 that helps TM1 developers, administrators, consultants and users be more productive with IBM Cognos TM1.
Free Utilities
Check out the free utilities developed and used by Cubewise consultants. We made them freely available to all TM1 and Planning Analytics users.