The secret to breaking free from the limits of Excel is TM1.

The secret to mastering TM1 is Cubewise.

Cubewise’s TM1 Services provide everything you need to master TM1
so you can develop and manage TM1 applications yourself.
Cubewise consultants strive to teach you everything they know about TM1 and how to apply it effectively to your budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting. Rather than just developing TM1 applications for you, we go much further by mentoring and coaching you through the implementation and development of your TM1 business models.
After all, it is your business and the unnecessary cost of external resources on which you rely for core financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes can be crippling. Your business needs the flexibility to constantly change and adjust your business models to adapt to the ever-changing business environment.
Cubewise CARE is a comprehensive post-implementation program for supporting TM1 customers through training, staff augmentation, brainstorming sessions and much more.
Cubewise CARE leverages the monitoring, documentation and alerting of Pulse for TM1 to provide by  far the most professional and proactive support capabilities for TM1 possible.
TM1 is designed for high performance. If your TM1 environment is running at less-than-desirable performance, a Cubewise TM1 system health and architecture review is the remedy.
For Mission Critical emergencies – we have an internationally available Swat Team of the world’s greatest TM1 minds that can be made available…
Cubewise recognizes that TM1 systems are a key component to run business critical processes. This means that in order to master your TM1 environment, you have to step back from time to time and review the position of TM1 in the organisation, develop a road map to keep your system aligned with the ever changing corporate environment and develop the appropriate service model. This also means that support and development of the application has to go hand in hand with end user training and support.
Cubewise Strategic Consulting consolidates the know how from our world wide projects and supports you with the development of a road map for your TM1 application. We can advise you on how to align TM1 with your corporate or IT strategy by using quantitative benchmarks from over a hundred other TM1 applications to help you better allocate resources and funding. Combining our ability to provide development support, training and tools like Pulse for TM1, we have the unique ability to develop strategic assets for your organisation.