You've gone as far as you can with financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting with Excel.

Achieve more in less time - Master TM1 with Cubewise

Finish budgeting faster. Forecast more accurately. Plan more confidently. Speed up allocations, adjustments and month-end close. With IBM’s TM1 you’ll achieve more in less time by eliminating the problems associated with using Excel.
Cubewise will show you how without giving up Excel.
Instead of trying to replace Excel, Cubewise helps you embrace it as the interface to powerful TM1 applications for budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and many other uses.  TM1 applications give you real-time access to the most current information. When you make a change, you can see the result immediately – no waiting for answers to your questions, even when many users are accessing large, complex applications.
With the speed of TM1 you gain back time to build more sophisticated “what-if?” scenario models and answer strategic business questions.  Why trudge through another month-end close in Excel only? With TM1 working together with Excel, the time you gain lets you use your professional skills to their highest value.
TM1 is the backbone of your month end process. Rather than doing month end in spreadsheets disconnected from your GL (and other) systems, TM1 allows you to plug Excel into your GL system providing you with instantaneous updates to all of your financial reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, KPI reports, management dashboards, rolling forecasts, etc.). as soon as journals are posted, TM1 updates not only the numbers, but also keeps account structures and hierarchies SYNCED with changes in your GL system.
Rather than doing necessary month end adjustments in Excel, you can do them in TM1 and they are stored as part of the reporting record. These can be shared back to your GL system or not depending on your needs.
TM1 also allows you to “drill down and through” your numbers right from your most consolidated figures to the detailed journal entries themselves.
Finally, TM1 extends naturally out from the backbone financial reports to core Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable processes, treasury calculations, CAPEX modeling and much more.
Do all of this from the comfort of Excel – using its natural flexibility as a front end in harmony with the TM1 database.


If you’re not already “beyond budgeting”, then make sure it is based on a business model that accurately describes both your business and your company strategy.
TM1 forms the backbone of your budget by allowing collaborative, complex, accurate business models to be at the heart of your process. Businesses are not only complex, but also exist in environments that are constantly changing. TM1 provides the flexibility for you to easily adjust your business models to suit new market conditions (change in exchange rates, new competitors, government policy changes, etc.) and changes in company strategy.


TM1 allows for any number of rolling forecasts, both annual and long term. Easily incorporate up to date actuals or current estimates into new or revised forecasts. Use driver-based models that bring together operational planning and financial planning into a single model. Finally, make it collaborative and quick – see impacts of contributions to the model instantly and therefore run through many versions and scenarios to fully understand the impacts of key decisions and strategies.


TM1’s real-time consolidation engine is one of its core capabilities and can be used for fast consolidation of multiple data sources, user inputs and business models. True financial consolidations including eliminations and entity ownership structures are also easy to model.
The most important aspect you will eliminate however is the manual effort of compiling and consolidating individual spreadsheets from across the business.

Operational Reporting, Forecasting and Budgeting

As a highly scalable functional database engine that can connect to any data source, TM1 can scale your business model far beyond just core financial models – TM1 really provides the “hockey stick” moment of value to your organisation when you can integrate core operational models to feed into your core financial models. Thousands of companies are already using TM1 for operational reporting, analysis, budgeting and forecasting in the following areas:
  • Sales
  • Retail merchandise
  • Production planning
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Commercial assessment models
  • Long term project planning models
  • Government bid models
  • S&OP
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Labour optimisation analytics
  • Product and Customer profitability models
  • Strategic planning models
  • Government regulatory reporting applications

Apliqo UPM

Apliqo C3 modules unify budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting.
That gives you time to deliver higher value in your organisation.

With Apliqo Unified Performance Management suite you’ll finish routine financial processes in less time.

The time you save will give you more opportunities to apply your most valuable skills to guide business strategy.