The path to analytics-driven success is with IBM’s Cognos software.

The path to Cognos success is with Cubewise.

IBM Cognos Software provides a number of ways of extending your TM1 financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting models. Let Cubewise show you how to get the most out of these tools to further speed up these key business processes and give you more time  — and more ways — to analyse and use your information.
IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) is an enterprise application that will simplify and streamline how your organisation delivers internal management reports, presentations and external disclosures out of your TM1 model using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
A defining component of internal and external disclosure reports is the need to combine numeric data sets with a highly formatted narrative that explains the numbers (e.g. variance commentary). CDM allows you to unite your trusted numeric data with narrative textual data in a secure environment.
CDM as a reporting front end to TM1 ensures that your CDM-based reports are always based on the same consistent information stored in your TM1 Information Warehouse.
Cognos BI is the premier tool for the enterprise deployment of modern, pre-defined reports. It provides a battle-tested enterprise BI tool that allows you to provide sophisticated online and offline Business Intelligence capabilities on top of your TM1 models. Our customers have been able to take existing TM1 models and deliver great interactive dashboards to executive iPads and desktops across the enterprise.