Are you in Excel Hell?

Welcome to the Excel Hell diagnostic tool. Are you fighting fires?

Benchmark your Excel usage

Knowing if your Excel usage is within limits of “reasonable” use, is obviously a subjective matter. It will depend on how skilled you are with Excel, inventing the most outrageous formulas and datamodels. And it will depend on how skilled your colleagues are in handling your fancy Excel files.

To give you a more “objective” benchmark, we have compiled the below tool for you to check how you compare to the rest of the Excel-world!

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Benchmark yourself!

How relevant are the following statements to you…

Efficiency, Accuracy and Security

Reliance on a small number of users who understand how a spreadsheet model works
Confidence in large spreadsheet without formula errors
Constantly reconciling spreadsheets' data
Reliance on VLOOKUP, PIVOT and SUMIF like formulas
Effort to set up security to protect sensitive information in spreadsheets
Source Data loaded into Excel from other systems is not clean and needs manipulation to reflect the business model
Dependency on security to control read/write access and secure layout in Excel



Collaboration and bottleneck issues

Clear overview of different Excel versions and track changes between version
Managers don't trust that the spreadsheets have the right data
Transparency on calculations and ability to determine when a spreadsheet has an error
Data collection with files sent to more than 2 people so each person can add their own data
Data segmentation into separate spreadsheets for further distribution
Data consolidation is carried out manually and/or with the use of macros and scripts
Spreadsheets are sent around via email or on shared drives



Strategic Issues

Combine and analyse multiple data types (different data sources)
Download of data from ERP/Accounting software and then copy and paste the data into Excel
Excel takes some time to open or crashes regularly. Coffee break when opening a large Excel file?
Data changes needed in existing report - export/import, consolidation, reconciliation and recalculation
Effort spent on managing the process and templates created and ongoing upkeep
Collection, integration and reconciliation of a forecast/planning exercise takes a very long time
Possibility to roll out a central Excel model to large number of users




Efficiency, Accuracy and Security Issues
Collaboration and bottleneck issues
Strategic issues
Excel seems to be used wisely, keep up the good work! Excel seems to be used wisely, nevertheless there are areas to watch out for Caution! Excel is about outgrown itself - We suggest you address the areas of concern asap Impressive use of Excel, but dangerously close to breaking through it’s limitations. Can we show you an alternative to save time, risk and money? That is one hell of an Excel monster! This must be an impossible masterpiece to maintain. Can we show you an alternative to save time, risk and money?