TM1 / Planning Analytics End of Support for Versions 2.0.8 and Below

2.0.8 End of Support and 2.0.9 Release Notes


End of Support for Planning Analytics Version 2.0.8 has been extended to 30th September 2022 as per this IBM bulletin. End of Support for versions between 2.0.0 and 2.0.7 are now scheduled for end of support on 30th April 2022. https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/1206880


Following the announcement that Planning Analytics versions below 2.0.8 (TM1 version 11.6) will reach end of support on 30th September 2021 Planning Analytics customers will need to upgrade to one of the later versions in order to stay within support.

Before continuing here is a quick reminder of how to check the version of Planning Analytics. https://code.cubewise.com/blog/determine-the-version-of-ibm-planning-analytics

Cubewise is ready to support all customers in upgrading to the latest version of Planning Analytics. Contact your local Cubewise office for support or advice

Below is a summary of new functionality added into Planning Analytics Server from version 2.0.9, all changes are cumulative.


  • Manage a list of TM1 databases on the TM1 Admin Server  which means that you can completely automate the failover to a backup system.
  • View ZeroOut TurboIntegrator function works on MDX views.
  • Security vulnerability addressed.
  • Deprecation of TM1 Operations Console

  • New installer for TM1 Web

  • Depreciation of PMHub
  • TM1 Server on Linux requires Java

  • Improved member selection in query to TM1 Server when using multiple hierarchies
  • The chore time is stored and represented as Coordinated Universal Time
  • Enhanced SQL error logging in tm1server.log

  • Default value of FIPSOperationMode=2.
  • Disable DES and 3DES Ciphers
  • Change in dimension hierarchy security

  • Fixes only (latest version released 15 April 2021)

  • Depreciated TM1 database parameters (LockPagesInMemory and MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer)
  • User modifications within CAM groups are now captured in the TM1 audit log