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Changes in functions of rules and TIs from TM1 10.2 to PA  

IBM support on TM1 version 10.2.2 will be discontinued from 30th September 2019. Awareness around the decisions for the interface, additional available functionality and what to consider for the installation and configuration have already been covered. The decisions can be found in the decision tree in the blog post Upgrade TM1 to Planning Analytics.  

With the move from TM1 10.2.2 to PA 2.0.6 (TM1 Server 11.4) there are a few functions used in rules that will not be available in the upgraded software.

A Detailed Look at Planning Analytics Workspace

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) is a web-based interface for IBM Cognos TM1. It brings new exciting possibilities in terms of visualization of your TM1 data. IBM succeeded in expanding the TM1 interface options with a user-friendly and attractive experience aimed at a wide user community.

Enabling hierarchies, how does it affect your current model?

Welcome to this installment of our series on upgrading to Planning Analytics. If you’re here then you probably know about the new features that PA brings such as Workspace, hierarchies and multi-threaded feeders, but you’re hesitant about whether to implement the new features due to concerns about the impact on your current mature implementation. If this describes your situation then you are at the right place!

An unintended benefit of hierarchies

When an alternate hierarchy is added to a dimension in TM1 for the first time a Leaves hierarchy is also automatically created in the background. The Leaves hierarchy has some special properties which can result in benefits to your TM1 system which you may not have previously considered.

PAL Installation Guide

Once you have gone through the PA decision tree and technical implications articles and decided to upgrade to Planning Analytics, the next important question you must ask yourself is “how do I technically do it?”. Many people are afraid of the upgrade, because of the general perception that this is a very complicated process, more time consuming than ever before. This is however not true. Of course, it requires some preparation and execution time, but generally not more than when you upgraded from 9.x to 10.x.

The following list contains information about requirements and the installation steps for Planning Analytics.

Converting Perspectives Reports to PAx

Moving to an upgrade where an update is required on workbooks can easily be addressed by making use of the additional functionality provided within the Planning Analytics software.

Technical implications when moving to PAL: A TM1 upgrade checklist

With just under one year left of IBM supporting TM1 version 10.2.2, it can be assumed that most TM1 customers have at least started preparations for an upgrade to Planning Analytics (PA). The support aspect appears to be an underlying driver for the version upgrade, particularly if corporate policy prohibits the use of unsupported software. However, Planning Analytics offers other features such as alternate hierarchies, new clients (PAX, PAW), improved clients (TM1 Web), performance boosts following new configuration parameters, or the option to move to a cloud-based system. Most of these features can but don’t have to be used, which leaves TM1 customers with some decisions to make.

The (increased) importance of attributes in Planning Analytics

Attributes have always been very useful when developing a TM1 model but until now have never been an essential component of development. With Planning Analytics this changes. This is a forgotten or little known point that all TM1 developers should be aware of and is especially relevant for anyone with an existing TM1 model considering upgrading to Planning Analytics. To find out why this is read the article.

Upgrade from TM1 10.x to Planning Analytics

Migrating from TM1 10.2.2 to Planning Analytics is not complicated, but it is a process with multiple layers that requires sufficient planning.

With IBM’s decision to stop support for TM1 10.2.2 in September 2019, we compiled a decision tree to ensure you know which questions you need to answer to find the most suitable path for your environment to effectively plan your upgrade to Planning Analytics.