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Improving rules performance with }StatsByRule – Part I

Rules are the heart and power of TM1. In some cases, they can also be its curse. Learn how to monitor and improve rule performance to make the most out of your TM1 model.

How to reference intersections of hierarchies in rules

This is a follow on from the previous article on working with hierarchies in rules. It will deal with how to address the intersection of two (or more) hierarchies in the right hand side of a rule statement and the left hand side of a feeder statement.

How to work with hierarchies in rules

The power of what hierarchies allow us to do in terms of cube design are simply awesome, but this does some at a cost of additional complexity in terms of managing rules due to increased risk of ambiguous name conflicts. This article clarifies the syntax needed to address hierarchies with detailed examples, as well as discussing use cases and pitfalls.