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Cloud versus On-Premise Deployment

Reviewing your Software environment can result in many questions. Which is the best option? How do I choose between cloud and on-premise? How would it change the way we manage our systems? Can the cloud environment be managed by internal IT team?

Both environments have benefits, therefore the best question to find an answer to is “Which solution suits us best?”.

Determining the exact version of TM1 you have installed

OK, so every software on the planet has an about dialog that displays the version number or so you thought. Well almost every one because as we know Cognos is different! Exactly why IBM choose not to make software versions easily visible and accessible is unknown to us but this is important information to know when reporting a software issue to IBM support or figuring out which fix pack or hot fix is the relevant one to install. Here’s how to figure it out.

Deprecated and discontinued functionality in IBM Cognos TM1

From version to version, features and functionality are added to IBM Cognos TM1 as the product matures. Likewise, certain features or components of functionality are also removed (deprecated) between versions. This post notes these deprecated and discontinued features, as advised by IBM.