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Enabling hierarchies, how does it affect your current model?

Welcome to this installment of our series on upgrading to Planning Analytics. If you’re here then you probably know about the new features that PA brings such as Workspace, hierarchies and multi-threaded feeders, but you’re hesitant about whether to implement the new features due to concerns about the impact on your current mature implementation. If this describes your situation then you are at the right place!

How to reference intersections of hierarchies in rules

This is a follow on from the previous article on working with hierarchies in rules. It will deal with how to address the intersection of two (or more) hierarchies in the right hand side of a rule statement and the left hand side of a feeder statement.

An unintended benefit of hierarchies

When an alternate hierarchy is added to a dimension in TM1 for the first time a Leaves hierarchy is also automatically created in the background. The Leaves hierarchy has some special properties which can result in benefits to your TM1 system which you may not have previously considered.

How to work with hierarchies in rules

The power of what hierarchies allow us to do in terms of cube design are simply awesome, but this does some at a cost of additional complexity in terms of managing rules due to increased risk of ambiguous name conflicts. This article clarifies the syntax needed to address hierarchies with detailed examples, as well as discussing use cases and pitfalls.

We oldschoolers need to revisit the language we use to talk about dimension structures

TM1 oldschoolers have long been used to being sloppy in our use of language to describe dimensions, hierarchies and rollups. Now that Planning Analytics supports named hierarchies the term "hierarchy" has a specific meaning which we need to respect. Clear and unambiguous communication is important. It may be difficult at first, but if you catch yourself saying “hierarchy” when you really mean “rollup” stop and correct yourself. It doesn’t take long to change the habit and the sooner we all do we can stop second guessing each other.

Using hierarchies for PickLists

The colon delimiter used between dimension name and hierarchy name presents a problem when defining PickLists as the same string delimiter is used. But we can overcome this issue by escaping the additional colon character.