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The best TM1 knowledge on the web is here at Cubewise’s Tech blog.

Upgrade from TM1 10.x to Planning Analytics

Migrating from TM1 10.2.2 to Planning Analytics is not complicated, but it is a process with multiple layers that requires sufficient planning.

With IBM’s decision to stop support for TM1 10.2.2 in September 2019, we compiled a decision tree to ensure you know which questions you need to answer to find the most suitable path for your environment to effectively plan your upgrade to Planning Analytics.

Improving rules performance with }StatsByRule – Part I

Rules are the heart and power of TM1. In some cases, they can also be its curse. Learn how to monitor and improve rule performance to make the most out of your TM1 model.

5 tips for users transitioning from Perspectives to IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx)

1. What are the interfaces in PAx and how does it relate to Perspectives
2. How to log onto the TM1 Server via PAx
3. How to analyse Cubes
4. How to find reports created in the Application folder
5. How to use the set (subset) editor

Press Release: Apliqo UX and Cubewise Canvas for TM1 to be offered as a single product

Apliqo UX and Canvas for TM1 have been combined to a single product which will be known as Apliqo UX. Future releases of Apliqo UX will contain all features and functionality of both products.

A Deep Dive into SANDBOXES

There is often a need to plan multiple scenario’s before feeling comfortable with of the numbers you are submitting.

The Sandbox feature allows you to create your own personal workspace where you can plan different scenarios (changes to the base data) before making those changes public to other users.

How to…..Encryption at Rest

Starting in Version 2.0.4, TM1 Server / Planning Analytics Local has had an 'Encryption at Rest' feature.  In this Cubewise blog post, we explain what EaR means, why you would want to enable it, and how you can set it up using the “tm1crypt” utility.

Cubewise March to May 2019 Update

Three months full of updates, blog posts and developments. Have a read to learn what happens and catch up with the latest developments.

Cubewise Opens First Branch In Germany

Cubewise opened a branch in Munich this month, consolidating its role as IBM Germany’s leading Platinum Partner. Markus Fynmore also joins Cubewise Germany as Practice Manager at the new Branch in Munich. Germany, with its large TM1 community, is an important market for Cubewise. For years, the Australian consulting and service provider has been active in Germany through its headquarters in Switzerland. Now, with its new branch in Munich, Cubewise has strengthened its presence in the German market even further.

Filter strings in bedrock

Understanding filter strings is central to understanding the bedrock library. Bedrock converts the contents of the filter string into views by splitting the string into dimension names and element names via delimiter characters and then creating the view on the fly. This article describes how the strings work.

An introduction to creating subsets with bedrock

This is a quick tutorial in how to create subsets with the bedrock 4 library. It covers ...
- including descendants of a consolidation
- filtering elements by level
- filtering elements via attribute value
- excluding elements via list or wildcard
- modifying an existing subset