Bedrock helps you master TM1

Cubewise helps you master Bedrock

Cubewise consultants are deeply dedicated to best practices when we develop TM1 applications with you. To that end, Cubewise uses and actively contributes to Bedrock, an open source library we helped create to support IBM Cognos TM1 developers, administrators, consultants and users be more productive.
On the website, you can find a series of White Papers defining the basic best practices of TM1 development gathered from hundreds of TM1 implementation projects along with a comprehensive library of standard, usable as is, battle-tested Turbo Integrator routines written in the Bedrock modular approach.
With Bedrock’s best practices and code, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. By using Bedrock in your development project, you get the benefit of core technical best practices that have proven themselves in countless other projects over and over again.
This allows you to move quickly past the mundane early nuts and bolts stages shared in every TM1 project straight into the real high-value modeling work of TM1. We have found that using Bedrock saves around 20%-30% of project implementation time by eliminating the repetitive, low-value parts of a project consultant used to need to do pre-Bedrock.
Bedrock is an established and accepted global best practice for TM1. So regardless of what new developers you may have working on your TM1 models in the future, they’ll instantly understand the development approach and hit the ground running. That saves time, money and reduces risk for the life of your TM1 applications. Bedrock code and assets are continuously updated and always compatible with the latest versions of TM1.