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Expiring TM1 SSL certificates – notes on Cognos BI and CDM

For those who are using either Cognos BI or CDM with their TM1, please be advised that the expiring TM1 SSL certificates will affect you.

IBM has posted an FAQ article to address the expiring TM1 SSL certificates issue

IBM has released an FAQ article to address the expiring TM1 SSL certificate issue.

The article provides answers to a lot of general questions and also some new information on the issue.

Expiring TM1 SSL certificates

The default 1024-bit TM1 SSL certificates shipped and installed with the TM1 software is expiring on the 24th November 2016 - which means, if no actions are taken prior to this time, TM1 will stop working.

Optimising dimension order in a Cube

Cube optimisation can be done in a number of ways: either by using the inbuilt re-order dimensions in TM1 (9.5.1 and above only) or by using Cubewise Pulse for TM1 which will always find the optimal order.

IBM Cognos TM1 – Multi Threaded Queries (MTQ) in TM1 10.2

One of the major developments released with TM1 Version 10.2 is the introduction of Multi-Threaded Queries. This blog post will explore what MTQ is, how to enable it, and considerations when applying it.

Determining the exact version of TM1 you have installed

OK, so every software on the planet has an about dialog that displays the version number or so you thought. Well almost every one because as we know Cognos is different! Exactly why IBM choose not to make software versions easily visible and accessible is unknown to us but this is important information to know when reporting a software issue to IBM support or figuring out which fix pack or hot fix is the relevant one to install. Here’s how to figure it out.

Things you might not know about TM1 security – Part 2

In our last exposé on little known TM1 security features we talked about the ReadOnlyUser property. Today we’re going to discuss another “overlay” feature of the TM1 security model, … locking.

Anti-virus scanning software and TM1

In a short break from our regular programming have you ever experienced a dramatic slowdown in performance, intermittent hangs or even server crashes and later found this was due to anti-virus...

Things you might not know about TM1 Security – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the ReadOnlyUser field in the }ClientProperties cube actually does?

TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference

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