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IBM has posted an FAQ article to address the expiring TM1 SSL certificates issue

Please note that IBM has released a new technote yesterday (22/09/2016) – an FAQ article to address the expiring TM1 SSL certificate issue:

There are a lot of general questions being answered in the article in regards to the issue, but we would like to highlight the following notes:

1. For those users that are using TM1 on Cloud and Planning Analytics, they are not required to do anything, as the patch management will be done by IBM.

2. There would be a new set of certificates introduced through the “updaters” that would be released shortly. These new certificates would not expire until 2026. The updaters would effectively replace the old expiring certificates with these new ones (using the same name).

3. The “updaters” will be generic to each major version. This means, it will cover ALL Fix Packs, for all TM1 versions 10.1 onwards.

4. The “updaters” will only update the certificates, and will not introduce any other fix/changes.

For those that have already implemented one of the already available options to update the certificates, these updaters should NOT adversely affect you (i.e. running these updaters would simply mean that your old default expiring certificates are being updated to the latest one).

However, staying consistent with all of our approaches, we would ensure that this assumption is tested and proven once we have the updaters and would update this post accordingly with our findings.

Tagged , written by Andrew Widjaja on September 22nd, 2016


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