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Expiring TM1 SSL certificates – notes on Cognos BI and CDM

UPDATE 28/09/2016 – IBM has now updated their technote confirming that they would be releasing an Interim Fix updater and documentation for CDM.

UPDATE 26/09/2016 – We have managed to get Cognos BI to work after applying IBM’s method of updating TM1 SSL certificates to v2 by following these technotes:
The post below has been updated accordingly.

UPDATE 21/09/2016 – IBM has advised that an “updater” would be released for Cognos BI that will update the expiring SSL certificates. This should be released within 1 – 2 weeks. However, there is no new information on CDM at this stage.

For those who are using either Cognos BI or CDM with their TM1, please be advised that the expiring TM1 SSL certificates will affect you.

We have tested the following recommended solution as per IBM’s Tech Note to update the TM1 SSL certificates to v2:

Unfortunately, we were NOT able to get CDM to communicate with TM1 after applying the above solution.

As for Cognos BI, there are additional steps that you need to follow after applying the solution above. Please follow the links below for these additional steps:

We have reached out to IBM for their recommendations on this issue and we will update this post as soon as we have new information.

Please note however, applying an alternative solution, referred to as “Option B” in our previous post: , seems to work fine with both Cognos BI and CDM. However, we would like to highlight again, that this option is currently NOT endorsed by IBM and hence can pose a risk.

At this stage, if you are using Cognos BI, then you have the option to apply the above solutions, especially if there is an increased focus on getting it done as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can wait for IBM to release the Interim Fix.

However, for those who are using CDM to connect to TM1, your only option currently is to wait for IBM to release the Interim Fix,

These Interim Fixes are going to be released very soon according to IBM, however we do not have the definite time-frame on when this would happen.

Please keep checking the blog for the latest update on this matter!

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